Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a traditional undergraduate student. May I use RIDE417’s services?

RIDE417 is for current undergraduate AND graduate students at the Springfield-area colleges and universities.

If I am out with friends who are not current students, can they be given rides, or will they need to find another way home?

As long as one member of a party (the individual who requests the ride) has a student ID, the others may also receive rides.

Will people find out that I have used RIDE417?

RIDE417 is a confidential service, so we will never give out your information or reveal your identity to others.

What if I need a ride to a party?

RIDE417 is strictly for the purpose of getting patrons home safely. We do not give rides to parties, clubs, bars, etc.

As a patron and/or team member, how will you ensure my safety?

All cars will be operated by two team members–one female and one male. One student will be a driver–sole purpose is to drive the vehicle safely–and the other will be a navigator–in charge of directions, correspondence and constant communication with the organization’s headquarters, and patron interaction.

I live outside of the Springfield city limits. Can you take me home?

At this time, RIDE417 will be operating only within the Springfield city limits.

How will I know that my ride is ready?

If you have requested a ride through the RIDE417 app, we will send a notification to you through the app. If you have called in to request a ride, we will call you when your ride is here.

What kind of vehicles does RIDE417 use?

RIDE417 uses rental cars. These cars will have RIDE417 magnet on the back of the vehicle so that you know it is operated by RIDE417 team members.

Is there a specified number of times I can utilize the service?

You are allowed to one ride per operating night.

I am underage, can I still use RIDE417?

RIDE417 is a free, confidential, and non-judgemental service open to any student at a Springfield area university. Anyone who has a student id may use our services.

Can I get picked up/dropped off from a house?

RIDE417 limits patrons to one ride per night, but you may be picked up from anywhere and dropped off at any residential location within our guidelines and service area.

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