On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (during the school year) from 10:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m., teams of RIDE417 members (one female and one male per car) will be driving around rental cars ready to pick up students and take them home.

Students wishing to be picked up should either download the RIDE417 app and request a ride through it or call the call center at (417) 595-RIDE to schedule a ride. The RIDE417 members will then come to pick-up the student, and the student must present his or her student id before receiving a ride.

A group of friends may be picked up together, but the student who schedules the ride must present a student id before being given a ride. Additionally, the number of students in a group may not exceed the number of available seats in the car. Should there be remaining students in the group, another car will come to get them as soon as possible.

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